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Cracking Freestanders on Two Titles

28-34 Yarraman PLACE Virginia QLD 4014

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For Sale Under Contract
Industrial & Warehouse
Property No. NUM052298

Attributes and Features

Building Area 5067 sqm
Land Area 8091 sqm
Parking Ample
Last Updated Jul 25, 2016
Status Under Contract
Cushman & Wakefield is pleased to present two freestanding industrial office/warehouse facilities that are situated in the heart of the thriving Virginia/Geebung industrial precinct.
Yarraman Place, Virginia is positioned with near direct access to Sandgate Road approximately 15km North of Brisbane CBD, with easy access to the Airport & all major arterial roads and public transport.
This outstanding opportunity has the following key features:
- Total building area of 5,067sqm across two buildings
- Total land area of 8,091sqm on two titles
- General Industry C Zoning
- Large common hardstand area
- Great truck access
- Multiple roller doors on both warehouses
- 6-7 metre internal clearance
Cracking Freestanders on Two Titles28-34 Yarraman PLACEVirginia, QLD 4014
28-34 Yarraman PLACE Virginia QLD 4014